The world of fitness can be a scary place to navigate. FAD diets, celebrity influencers, unqualified charlatans, all claiming to have the latest exercise and weight loss secrets

And there’s even those who do hold a qualification in fitness or nutrition who have unfortunately been misled, even if they do have the best intentions

So how do you know which approach to choose?

One that will be personalised to you, your lifestyle and your preferences?

One that is sustainable enough to allow you to be consistent for long term results?

One that will allow you to be in the driving seat, and empower you with knowledge?

Fortunately, our coaching programme can do just that..

Evidence Based Coaching

What’s included?

Consultation: Goal setting and planning

Programme: Goal specific training programmes delivered and monitored using our app, with supporting exercise videos

Nutrition: Personalised approach with supporting resources

Check ins: Weekly for accountability and monitoring progress

Facebook group: Exclusive for all ICAN coaching clients (Coming Soon)

WhatsApp support: Access to private chat for daily support

PLUS: Exclusive rates for PT sessions (please check availability)


give everyone the same training programme

make you do exercises you aren’t comfortable with

tell you what to eat

tell you that you can’t eat your favourite foods

demonise food and label it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’

make stuff up if we don’t know something

trick you into reducing calories for a quick fix

give you a new diet

let you feel bad if your progress has stalled


tailor programmes based on goals and preferences

ensure you are competent and confident with exercises

teach you how to eat

show how you can include your favourite foods

teach you how foods all serve a different purpose

endeavour to find the answers for you

teach you to maintain weight loss

teach you how to make your diet more suitable

help you understand possible reasons for lack of progress and work with you to overcome them

Group Coaching – Craig

Limited spaces

£50 /month

Group Coaching – Lucy

Limited spaces

£45 /month

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