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Our Philosophy

Informed Coaching And Nutrition is about putting you in control of your training and nutrition.

By providing empathetic but expert support, my goal isn’t just to take you from A to B, but to empower you to carry yourself from B to C and to help you find the balance between your current lifestyle and what principles need to be followed for your success

Our site is currently under-construction, we plan to launch formally early 2020.

“I have improved every aspect of my fitness and will continue to get stronger and better, because ICAN” - Kai

“I am inspired to achieve my goals, because ICAN” - Pip

``I am able to balance my food throughout the week and still enjoy a bit of indulgence over the weekend, because ICAN`` – Lucy

“I have gained lots of muscle and changed my physique, whilst developing a passion for the gym where I can train with confidence, because ICAN” – Kyle

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