Informed Coaching & Nutrition
Informed Coaching And Nutrition


Not making any progress or don’t know where to start? Achieve great results with our evidence based coaches who apply the scientific principles of nutrition and strength training for weight loss and muscle gain

Online Coaching

Remote training and nutrition support with weekly check ins and progress monitoring

Personal Training

1-2-1 and group training options available (limited availability)

10 Week Body Recomp

Kickstart a change in your body shape with this 10 week programme

Workout Templates

Access to our goal and body part specific training templates

Who are Informed Coaching And Nutrition?

We are evidence based coaches who are dedicated to helping people feel more confident in their skin by achieving the physique they desire – whether that’s through building muscle or losing body fat, or both!

An integral part of our process is also to educate and empower our clients to remain in control of their health and fitness journey even after they’ve achieved their goals from coaching with us.

Because of this, we believe in teaching you the principles of diet and exercise to make your goal not only attainable, but sustainable too, through formation of habits and consistent, good practice.


Head coach Craig after a workout

Craig Hicks

Head Coach

Like many, I left school not really knowing what I wanted to do and ended up spending 7 years in retail as a result. I didn’t dislike it, but it definitely didn’t excite me enough to consider it a career.

During this time I started my own fitness journey, and after a few years I encountered a frustration that so many people experience – a big fat lack of progress! This created a desire for me to learn and understand the theory and science behind my failings so I could learn from my mistakes; which ignited my passion for fitness and nutrition and made my transition into the industry a no-brainer.

In 2014 I qualified as a Level 3 PT and have worked in gyms ever since. I’ve participated in group exercise, CrossFit, strength training, long and short bouts of cardio, obstacle events, and training to change my body shape. I was Pure Gym’s PT of the year in 2015 and have more recently certified as a nutritionist with MNU, achievements I believe that, when combined with my failures, outline some of my key attributes – knowledge, compassion, and the willingness to help others.

Coach Lucy after a half marathon

Lucy Hicks

Assistant Head Coach

My background has always been Health and Fitness – I did a BSc in Sports Biomedicine and Nutrition, an MSc in Sports Coaching and then went on to do my Level 3 Personal Training qualification as a side project. Little did I know that that side project would turn into my career!

I’ve worked in a gym since qualifying in 2012 and manage Leisure clubs as my full time job. Group Exercise classes and group sessions are my absolute passion and I want to bring that community and camaraderie into all aspects of my coaching.

Like you – I love chocolate, sometimes going to the gym is the last thing I want to do, and I would be a typical yo-yo dieter if I wasn’t educated in fitness and nutrition. I can relate to the everyday struggles of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and it’s accountability that helps keep me on track.

I’m here to support you through the everyday struggles, with a group of likeminded people, on the same mission, who will hold each over accountable.