Informed Coaching & Nutrition
Informed Coaching And Nutrition


Great, but what does that mean?

Well, firstly it means that we have taken the time to understand the principles behind making progress, whether your goal is to change the way you look or improve your performance.

If you’ve ever changed your exercise routine or diet and not seen the results you desired, you’ll understand why it would be important that the coach you want to work with knows exactly what you need to do and why.

It means we can remove doubt as much as possible and increase the likelihood of getting results.

It allows us to empower our clients, opening the door to compromise and promoting a flexible lifestyle.


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ONLINE COACHING – Training and Nutrition

We appreciate the difficulties faced when people are trying to make changes to their lifestyle where exercise and nutrition are concerned. Trusting, understanding and applying information can be a very overwhelming concept to grasp.

Not to mention motivation – there one minute, gone the next.

As a result, we’ve created our online coaching programme to improve your chances of success by putting one of our coaches in your corner. Our support will bring patience, knowledge, accountability and empathy with a very calm intensity, allowing you to relax, enjoy the process and stay in complete control of your progress.

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‘Every aspect of my fitness has improved and I will continue to get stronger and better, because ICAN’ – Kai

I have been inspired to achieve my goals, because ICAN – Pip

I have gained lots of muscle and changed my physique, whilst developing a passion for the gym where I can train with confidence, because ICAN – Kyle